The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex


Our History is an ancient one, split from another, between two great hosts. One of the darkness, and one of the light, both caught in the web of creation, and both guilty of creating the rift between their children.

We are children of the Dark Mother, we are warriors of her word, a religion known as Tupora Elghinn. Quite Literally translated to " Living Death ", primary belief of this religion is that life in this universe is a mistake which must be corrected. This revelation was brought about by the discovery of the Ascended, which is described as a higher plane of existence in which life is cherished and even the dead are brought back to life. This is both the afterlife and the ultimate destination of our journey.

Entrance to the Cradle is via Gates of the Ascended is restricted to those who follow the path. Each person has an appointed time of death in their cosmology, and if a person is killed before one's due time, one will not pass on to the Cradle.

Our conversion is accomplished through a ritual where a blade inserted into nerves to cancel all the other pain received by the brain (it is called a "mark of the Purified"). The process is essentially a form of behavior modification. Leaving the personality of the individual, yet also developing a high form of loyalty to the cause and crusade.

Belief of the Cradle and thus Ascension through the Gates, began within the ranks of a group known as the Brotherhood of Austeres, a religious group composed of a few-thousand people. This group, whose exact beliefs are monotheistic, felt that other religions were too restrictive with histories soaked in far too much blood. To that end, they made a pilgrimage across the the world of Jethnea'la to escape those religions, eventually colonizing a land mass that became known as Haruspex.

Once they arrived there, dissention arose in the form of a man named Covu. It was his belief that monotheism was an unnecessary vestige of Jesusism (referring to Christianity in general), and that it should be done away with along with the other aspects of Christianity that the Austeres had already left behind. This belief was not accepted by the Austeres, and they demanded that Covu renounce his beliefs. When he refused, they tortured him to the point that he could not feel pain. They then turned on his family, torturing and killing them. Covu was saved from this fate by a few loyal followers, called Covulytes.

After escaping death, Covu and his followers wandered throughout the badlands. After a long journey. Covu and his followers found a rift into another universe. While his followers were afraid to approach, Covu pushed ahead with the remains of his family, having apparently managed to take them with him, and crossed through the rift, which later became known as the Rift of Night, or " Rift d' Isto " as their later adopted language would call it.

After returning from the rift, Covu had been changed. He seemed to have aged several years, and appeared stronger and more resolute in his beliefs. He explained to his followers that his family had been resurrected on the other side of the Rift, and that the universe on the other side was a glorious place known as the " Thac'zil d'lil Phraktos ", Land of the Gods. It was in this place that he had come into contact with the Dark Mother.

Given new strength from visiting Thac'zil d'lil Phraktos, Covu returned to Haruspex and slaughtered every one of the Austeres, decapitating them as he did so. After doing so, he would look into their eyes and whisper, "Death is Only The Begining." This is the origin of the Haru-Dakat belief centered around that phrase.

With the Auteres mostly dead, Covu gave himself the title of High Priest of War and reorganized those that remained into a new, militaristic faith known as Haru-Dakat. It was he who inspired most the beliefs of the Dark Mother, as Her voice, most notably Her belief that all life was an unguided mistake that needed to be corrected. While we, too, were part of this mistake, knowing the truth made it our duty to correct it.

Since life itself is considered to be a mistake, we couldn't go about adding to it. To that end, breeding is banned, though the act behind it is not. Of course, banning breeding lead to the problem that our faith would die out within a generation, so converts were needed.

Our fabled creator established the current methods of conversion. Before, converts would simply swear loyalty to the tenets of the faith. From this point on, they would undergo a pain-deadening act similar to the torture that Covu experienced. The office of Purifier Prinicpal was created to oversee the conversions.

During his regime, conquering neighboring lands for converts became standard practice, and the technique he had applied to the population of Boroneau, an island nation near to Haruspex, had become the model for all future endeavors. On top of conquering and converting the populations of these lands, Covu had those who resisted, killed. He defended this with the words that were spoken to the last of the Auteres, "Convert, or be forgotten."

Covu is regarded as the father of the Haru, from which our holy text is based upon his teachings. In retrospect, Covu is also the key to the split from our brothers the Cussians. In turning the faith to this end, so began a war that decimated our birthplace, and exiled all of both sides. We to the Rift d'Isto, sealed for great time behind a barrier as punishment for defiling the Cradle. In our great exile, we lost the way, and only now, began to return to glory and power as once was. What once was, shall be again, what was broken, is now whole again. The shadows of the past, become the night of the present.

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